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Digital Realty’s valuable partnership with Oracle

An incredible partnership with Oracle commenced in 2017 at Digital Realty’s Frankfurt data center and our relationship has been evolving ever since.

Yogesh Kaushik, Vice President Product Management at Oracle, sheds light on the strides we’ve made in delivering efficient, low-latency, and secure connectivity, with a focus on how important a role Digital Realty’s ServiceFabric™ plays in connecting multiple workflows, clouds, and applications for Oracle’s customers on PlatformDigital®, Digital Realty’s global data center platform.

Digital Realty is an established global Oracle FastConnect partner delivering access to Oracle Cloud in multiple locations on PlatformDigital®. Oracle Fastconnect provides a dedicated connection for customers, linking their on-premises locations directly to the Oracle Cloud infrastructure. Importantly, it grants customers the flexibility to choose the bandwidth that aligns with their specific requirements. Recognizing the evolving landscape of cloud adoption, Gartner predicts that “85% of customers will have more than two clouds”, and Oracle does not only believe in that, but they want to enable that.

Digital Realty has emerged as a key player in this partnership as the data meeting place, facilitating the seamless connection of customers into our connected data community.

As organizations increasingly navigate multi-cloud environments, the collaboration between Digital Realty and Oracle becomes instrumental in addressing the challenges posed by diverse cloud infrastructures. The commitment to enabling customers to connect efficiently within our connected data community aligns with Oracle’s vision of empowering businesses to embrace a multi-cloud strategy.

Watch the video to find out more about our partnership with Oracle.