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Dense Connectivity Drives Optimized User Experience for Shadow

To ensure a smooth, high-quality game streaming experience, Shadow leverages densely connected data centers at multiple Interxion locations as well as the cloud to send rendered video and images back to users in real-time.

At Shadow, we require the most direct, shortest paths between our infrastructure and our gamers, and we need a company that can keep up with us. Interxion does that. They understand our business, how we work and what we need. They are a trusted partner.

David Chanial , Head of Infrastructure, Shadow 

This case study covers Shadow requiring a seamless user experience avoiding lags, buffers and drops, while achieving top-level connectivity to reach users across the globe. By partnering with Interxion they Leveraged Interxion’s data centers in Amsterdam and Marseille, to be closer to end users. They were able to connect directly to top-quality networks to service high density compute while meeting the need for speed and stability.

*This content was originally published by Interxion: A Digital Realty Company.