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Cloud Provider Cuts the Time to Market for its Next-Generation Cloud Platform

Interxion provides the right power, connectivity and scalability for cloud platforms and also creates a marketplace within its data centers where cloud platforms and their customers can do business. Being cloud neutral means that Interxion isn’t in competition with any cloud platform.

At Interxion, we can grow as far and as fast as we like. They have data centers all over Europe that offer consistent levels of quality and service, combined with the convenience of a single account manager, service center and master contract.

Sander Cruiming , Founder, Cloud Provider 

Cloud Provider is the IaaS provider of choice for hundreds of companies in the Netherlands who operate e-commerce, interactive, media-streaming and other delay-sensitive websites. Now Cloud Provider has taken a step into the future at Interxion’s Amsterdam campus, where it has built a next generation cloud platform that offers even higher levels of performance and responsiveness.

*This content was originally published by Interxion - A Digital Realty Company.